Advanced CPR training

The latest advanced CPR training manikin from Innosonian has been developed in consultation with leading members of the European Resuscitation Community in pre-hospital, hospital, university and voluntary sectors.

Providing health care professionals with quantitative data driven feedback, the Brayden PRO has a Bluetooth link to a bespoke APP that records all key CPR metrics on an android tablet.

Up to six students can be trained at any one time and the ability for a trainer and students to obtain immediate feedback of performance using objective and numeric data has been proven to improve the quality of CPR performance.

Comprehensive CPR Metrics

The Brayden Pro provides comprehensive feedback of CPR performance via a number of easy to use and intuitive interactive screens on the Brayden Pro App.

The initial feedback screen presents the overall score obtained for the CPR performed (according to the scoring algorithm). It highlights performance for 8 key CPR parameters and presents the data as a unique interactive ‘radar chart’.

The second screen provides detailed analysis of the CPR performance. Average values of compressions and ventilations are presented together with historical trend information alongside a graph of corresponding CPR quality over time.

The final screen provides individual CPR metric information in a bar chart format. These are presented for each cycle of CPR performed. The individual screens can easily be scrolled between.

Upload Your Data

The results of CPR performance can easily be exported by email or via common Social Network Sites (SNS). This enables a record of performance to be shared. In Instructor mode, this file can also be personalised with the students name and, when used in conjunction with Assessment mode, can record and export the results of a full CPR scenario (incorporating an AED). The Brayden Pro app also allows CPR performance to be exported via an excel file. This provides achieved numeric data to be shared directly – perfect for research projects. The Brayden Pro records automatically all files which can be easily managed using the intuitive software.

Instructor & Assessment Mode

The Brayden Pro APP allows instructors to connect up to six manikins to one tablet for a more comprehensive training experience. The instructor can assign names and records to each learner, and monitor all six Brayden Pros at the same time.

Instructors can also assess each student in a practical exam, which can track CPR technique, ventilation and, if required, AED training. Instructors can manually assign a pass mark within the APP’s settings.

All records can then be emailed individually to each user, or stored locally on the tablet or the cloud.

“The Bluetooth link between the impressive Brayden PRO manikin and the App on the android tablet greatly enhances the training value of the system.  It gives not only an immediate guide to the quality of compressions and ventilations, but also offers trends and a permanent record of what is being achieved.  It would be hard to rival as a training system.”  

Professor Douglas Chamberlain, CBE, KSG